Sizing Information and Form

The Man Pan is custom-manufactured and trimmed by CNC tools to meet the end user’s dimensions. Just provide the frame and cover dimensions and a photo of the underside of the manhole cover to be used. We want to be sure that support and stabilizing structures on the underside of the cover do not interfere with a proper fit.

  • Flat lids will not have ‘C’ and ‘D’ dimensions.
  • Use this Sizing Form or provide factory drawings.
  • Please provide a photo of the underside of the cover.
  • For assistance call or email John Manning.

Download the Sizing Form

Installation of The Man Pan

Not all manhole inserts are equal. Some are flimsy, and most are not designed with the field staff in mind.

Please follow all safety procedures that apply :

Remove manhole cover
Scrape the rim
Clean/wire brush the rim and cover
Insert the Man Pan
Replace manhole cover
The Man Pan is installed