The Man Pan Strata is so-named for its unique concentrically layered design, which gives it unusual strength, especially compared to traditional bowl designs. The Man Pan Strata holds less water and silt than traditional designs. Less water and silt means less weight, which means fewer broken lifting straps and fewer strained backs. It also reduces the chances of the insert collapsing into the collection system.

Heavy Duty Lifting Strap

The Man Pan Strata has a heavy-duty lifting strap double-riveted to the side wall to make it easier to find in the field and less likely to break under the weight of the water and silt in the insert.

High-Quality Gasket

The Man Pan Strata comes with a high-quality elastomeric seal. This gasket attached under the flange is what ultimately prevents unwanted inflow.


The Man Pan Strata standard construction is 100% Recycled High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) plastic, but it is available in other non-corrosive materials to meet specific needs.

Degassing Valve (Optional)

If a section of the system requires it, an optional one-way degassing pinch valve can be installed. The flexible elastomer construction will not clog and is durable.

These valves are for degassing only. Man Pan models do not use drain valves that can misfunction and allow surface inflow without systems operations’ knowledge. Man Pan models are also available with drilled weep holes if some drainage is needed.