Features & Benefits

  • Positive backflow prevention, dependable relief operation
  • Molded all-elastomer construction.
  • No moving parts
  • Flexible and durable design
  • 1/2” Water cracking pressure
  • 20 CFM Relief rate
  • Simple but rugged press-fit connection

Materials of Construction

  • Elastomer available in Neoprene
  • Bushing available in PVC


Red Valve’s Tideflex® Check Valve is the preferred relief/check valve for manhole inserts. The all-elastomer construction provides reliable gas relief with positive backflow prevention. The patented “duckbill” check valve design has a 1/2” WC cracking pressure and a 20 CFM relief rate.

The all-rubber construction of the Tideflex Valve has no mechanical parts to fail. The flexible elastomer construction eliminates the concern of damage or breakage due to handling in the field. The Tideflex operates solely on differential pressure. Forward differential pressure relieves gas from the manhole. Reverse differential pressure (water in the Man Pan) seals the Tideflex preventing infiltration into the manhole.

The Tideflex valves cannot be clogged with small solids, making them suited for long-term operation without the need for frequent inspection.
The Tideflex valves are press-fit into the center of the Man Pan with a PVC bushing to provide a simple, durable, and effective connection.


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